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Spirit Factory

Making spirits to enhance your spirit since 2011.

The Spirit Factory is where the magic happens, ladies and gentleman. The farm folk within a crow flying distance to our grain silos dump in their freshest and finest where our master distiller and crew smoke some of the grains lightly in their hand made smokin’ machines! The apple wood smell is savored for miles by the locals.

We’ve got giant brass tub stills shipped all the way from the underbelly of Kentucky from our good friends at Vendome. Our swill swirls and spins, smokes, and churns, until the only the finest of the finest is bottled and delivered to your own local watering holes. Now in 10 of the bravest states across this great country!

Our spent up mash (ya know, the stuff that’s left over and doesn’t go into the bottle) goes straight back to them farmers for livestock snacks. We are are a full circle establishment we are! Straight from farm to glass to farm!

Watering Room

Established in 2018 with roots firmly planted in the 1900’s our Watering Room has a full licensed bar showcasing Iron Smoke Distillery’s bourbon and Elixirs as well as the finest New York State Vodka, Rum, Wine, Gin, hooch, giggle juice, anti-freezes and grandma’s cough remedies. Plus our bartenders hatch up the toothiest cocktails your taste buds will scream over.

But Wait! There’s more… Yessiree… Beer! We got it right here. Twenty two beers from IPA’s to IPZ’s and two rotating drafts. That’s enough laughing water to make you pop like a tick!

Come on down to the Watering Room to twist your arm, wet your whistle, tighten up your mustache, flip your skirt and butter your bread!

Even though whiskey may be the main attraction here at Iron Smoke Distillery, we feature live acts in our Sideshow area!

We are serving up sizzling song pluggers, leg shows, alley-oops, chanting gurus, sword swallowers, south-side shiners and good old fashioned goat tickling this side of the tenderloin!

The Sideshow is also up for grabs for for any event! Book your birthday parties, corporate shin-digs, weddings, divorce parties, vasectomy parties, seances and more!

If you’re feeling extra fancy, and we know you are, you scoundrel, you can rent the whole dang place for your next event!

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